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October 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

This is pretty much off topic, but I love to share personal things sometimes and
I’m always looking for great products for my skin because I don’t like putting chemicals on or in my body. I found a company I really believe in so I signed up as a consultant to get the discount. This month they are offering a $99 special!! It’s a really great deal if you’d like to try some new products. I also have lots of samples here if you want to try something.

They are certified organic through UK’s Soil Association (this is a big deal!). They are Fair-trade, which is also important to me. The bottles are 100% recyclable – I save mine because they are beautiful! I also fully believe in their core values. Check out my link to see what they offer. I was so impressed that I signed up before even trying the products and now I’m hooked!




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