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December 31, 2015 in Personal






Happy New Year to everyone!  It’s pretty hard to get so many people together at the same time so I made this cute little card with our selfies.  Maybe next year I’ll have better luck getting us all together.

2015 was a pretty challenging year.  We had a lot of good (like Mackenzie’s birth!) and a string of not-so-great luck that kept happening one after the other.  Erick’s motorcycle accident (scariest thing ever), but thank God he’s OK now and walking.  Madison fainted at school and busted some teeth and needed stitches in her head.  Mark was off of work for 2 months with kidney stones – OK, that wasn’t really too bad since I got to have him home and he experienced normal sleep hours.  Things are pretty good now and I’m focusing on all the positives – everyone is healthy and thriving at school or work.

This is pretty much my whole world on one little card.  Have a safe and blessed New Year!


2015 FrontWEB

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