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June 27, 2016 in High School Seniors

Andrew was so fun to photograph.  He was up for anything and had some fun ideas of his own.  He’s also such a NICE guy!  I hope you enjoy some of the photos from his senior portrait session.



IMG_5558WEB IMG_5596WEB IMG_5598bwWEB Medina senior photographer IMG_5672WEB Medina, Ohio Photographer IMG_5817WEB

Highland High School IMG_1293bwWEB IMG_1398WEB IMG_1469WEB

I’ve known Ally for a few years through dance and she is one of the sweetest girls I know.  Her smile lights up her whole face and is quite infection so I think her #8 is perfect for her.

Here are some fun facts about Ally!  #2 is definitely true – tap is probably my least favorite to watch because my daughter didn’t tap, but I LOVE watching Ally tap!  She’s really good at it and usually places well at competitions.

1. I’ve been dancing for 14 years

2. My favorite type of dance and my forte is tap

3. My favorite subject is biology

4. I plan to major in biology on the pre med track with a possible minor in Mandarin Chinese

5. I play the tenor saxophone in marching band, concert band, jazz band, and for the musical.

6. I am in 5 volunteer clubs

7. I LOVE all dogs

8. My favorite color is yellow because it reminds me of sunshine

9. I love watching Indians baseball and Pittsburgh Steelers football

10. I’m actively involved in my church’s youth group.

Here are some of my favorite photos from Jenni’s senior portrait session.  Jenni is such a sweet girl and I don’t think she realizes how beautiful she is.

Jenni’s random facts are pretty cool and they make me want to hang out with her!  Interesting fact is that she numbered them with Roman Numerals, but when I cut and pasted her list, it wouldn’t copy them they way she typed.  Very strange, but worth mentioning.  lol

  1. I like giving cute nicknames to my friends and family.
  2. I’ve been in multiple choirs since fourth grade.
  3. I want to be a roller coaster engineer.
  4. I have a music collection so extensive even Randy Jackson would be impressed.
  5. I think sunrises are worth waking up for.
  6. I know endless fun facts that have no relevance in real life.
  7.  An example: In ancient times, Egyptians shaved off their eyebrows to mourn the deaths of their cats.
  8.  I have impeccable grammar other than my constant use of run-on sentences.
  9. I’m blanking on more fun facts about myself but if I make a list it has to be in a multiple of five.
  10. I don’t put milk in my cereal.

Check out her video here:

Jenni’s Video


Medina, Ohio
IMG_2206WEB Medina Senior Pictures Medina, Ohio Photographer Medina Photographer

Erin is one of the funniest girls I know!  I love that she isn’t afraid to be silly and laugh at herself.  Here are some random facts that she gave me to share.  I love that she calls her car Hank!  Erin, you eat all the time?!  I’m jealous you can eat all the time and still look the way you do.


I’m going to the university of Dayton

I have 3 dogs

My favorite color is yellow

I have one kidney

I’m obsessed with my car (Hank)

I love to hangout with my friends, and eating at all times.




Medina Senior Portraits Medina Ohio Senior IMG_9664ivory5x7 IMG_9711ivory5x7 Medina senior pictures IMG_96805x7

I have known MacKenzie since she was in preschool!  She has grown up to be a sweet and beautiful girl.  We had fun during her session and I loved seeing a different side of MacKenzie.  I also love that she gets sarcasm!  Sometimes I have to be careful because I like to joke around and be sarcastic, but some people don’t get it.  She definitely does and probably got it from her mom. haha

Some fun random facts about MacKenzie:
1. Go to medina high school
2. Going to Akron University
3. Majoring in Child Life Specialist
4. Favorite color is purple
5. Cat named Jasper
6. I have an older brother named Matt
7. I volunteer at Garfield Elementary School
8. I work at Comet Cleaners
9. I was a competitive gymnast for 12 years.
10. And I enjoy all sports



Medina Senior Pictures


IMG_1774WEB Medina High School Senior Photographer IMG_8519WEB IMG_8521WEB Medina Senior

I photographed Paige last fall at her grandmother’s home.  I loved it because there were just so many different great places to shoot.  Years before I photographed her cousin so I was excited to go back.

Paige is from a very large family and when you visit them it makes you wish you were part of the family!  They do a good job of making you feel like family anyway.  :)  Actually, our families are connected in a weird way.  My aunt and uncle are divorced, but she is still my aunt because she always has been and she married Paige’s grandfather.  I think that’s how the story goes anyway.  Really the nicest people you could meet.

Here are some random facts about sweet Paige:

1. I run cross country.

2. I am going to Grove City College next year.

3. I’m very involved in my church youth group.

4. I want to study either physical therapy or math education when I go to college.

5. I love singing. I am in 2 choirs at school and take private voice lessons.

6. I’m a part of the yearbook staff at my school.

7. I go to Highland high school.

8. I’m very close with my family and cousins. (my cousins live right next door to me).

9. I love Disney world.

10. My favorite TV show is One Tree Hill.

Highland High School Medina Ohio IMG_6201WEB IMG_6210WEB IMG_6295WEB IMG_6336WEB Medina senior portraits Highland Senior IMG_6449WEB





My own girl is a high school senior!  Shelby is a sweet and quiet girl and one of the nicest people I know.  She always has great ideas and solutions for almost everything – unfortunately for her, that makes her my go-to person! haha  I rely on her for a lot and will desperately miss her when she goes away to school….good thing we have Facetime!  If you take the time to get to know my quiet girl, you’ll find she’s pretty unique and worth knowing.

Shelby has big dreams for herself and goes after what she wants.  I can’t wait to see what she does with her life.

I forgot to add Shelby’s 10 random facts!  It was so fun for me to read what she had to say.

– I love to help others
– If I’m going to read a book, it has to grab my attention big time
– I love the ocean, but hate swimming
– I love to have a busy schedule
– I’m very addicted to coffee
– If I can go to the park then it’s a good day
– I wish I could play piano
– My sister and I taught ourselves sign language for fun
– I love when I have the opportunity to teach extra dance classes
– I love my winter clothes, but I’d rather take summer weather any day


Maybe I’m posting a few more images than I normally do, but I’ve known Bethany for several years and her mom is one of my closest friends so I HAD to post more this time.  The session was a lot of fun and it only took Bethany about 5 minutes to warm up in front of the camera.




Medina High School IMG_7608WEB Medina, Ohio high school senior IMG_7708WEB IMG_7715WEB Medina, Ohio senior pictures IMG_7720WEB IMG_7742WEB IMG_7751WEB Medina, Ohio senior photographer IMG_7837WEB IMG_7840WEB IMG_7848WEB



I had such a great time with beautiful Theresa.  She knew what she wanted and was quite comfortable in front of the camera.  I think we had a lot of fun together!


Medina, Ohio photographer Medina, Ohio senior pictures Medina, Ohio senior photographer IMG_4294bwWEB

I’ve photographed Josh since he was a little boy.  His mom came to me for portraits when  I was still very new and working at another job full time.  She loved the images so much that she had to come back 3 times to decide what she wanted!  I don’t do the sales sessions like that anymore, but his mom became one of my best girlfriends and gave me the confidence to leave my job and work on my business full time.  I was so excited when she asked me to photograph Josh for his senior portraits!