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Thank you for stopping by to check out my recent work. I look forward to spending time with you and your children and family, forever capturing their personalities and your relationship in a precious piece of art for your home.

It’s that time of year!  Kids are back in school and many of them are away at college.  Last year I had fun coming up with ideas to send to my daughter at school.  I think she enjoyed them because she’s hinted about more this year. :)

For some reason, I struggled to line everything up in this blog post so hopefully you can follow it.

Have fun planning care packages for your college kid or someone you love!

This all orange box was really fun to put together.  I tried to put mostly healthy items in there for her, but had to add a couple of treats too.































When the weather started to cool down, I sent her some things to keep her warm.  I included a pair of fuzzy socks for her roommate too.

photo 6WEB















This is a street reliever box to help her get through finals week:




























A note of encouragement:


















Little goodies wrapped in love.  The cards are available here:  Lunchbox Love Notes.  They are perfect for ANY age!


















Need I say more?!













This Christmas box takes a little more planning, but was so fun to make!!





























I made this lollipop “tree” because of this great video:

Lollipop Video

photo 3WEB

photo 4WEB




Let me know if you make any of these and if you have any other fun ideas to add!  My daughter is in her junior year now and I haven’t sent anything yet, except for the occasional items off of Amazon Prime or Target.  Free shipping makes it so convenient to send her fun things or something she needs.  I probably shouldn’t have given her my passwords!

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This is pretty much off topic, but I love to share personal things sometimes and
I’m always looking for great products for my skin because I don’t like putting chemicals on or in my body. I found a company I really believe in so I signed up as a consultant to get the discount. This month they are offering a $99 special!! It’s a really great deal if you’d like to try some new products. I also have lots of samples here if you want to try something.

They are certified organic through UK’s Soil Association (this is a big deal!). They are Fair-trade, which is also important to me. The bottles are 100% recyclable – I save mine because they are beautiful! I also fully believe in their core values. Check out my link to see what they offer. I was so impressed that I signed up before even trying the products and now I’m hooked!




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Canon 17-40L lens $600

Cheetah outfit for newborn $20














Newborn hats  $10 each












Baby cakes Background.  10×20 $175 (I paid $375)  I think this is canvas and needs a little paint touch up.

8×10 DownUnder2 Freedom Cloth background $195 (reg $255+ shipping

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 4.40.30 PM











5×7 Water Flowers Freedom Cloth  $115 (regular $136 + shipping)

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 4.32.21 PM










Chalkboard background – handmade $35



Pin Light 7×8 Canvas background Wood mounting – $185  This one is gorgeous!!  (regular $223 + shipping)

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 4.57.39 PM 9.38.33 PM










Vertigo 6×7 Canvas background wood mounting  $150  (Reg. $172 + shipping)

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 5.03.24 PM










Shattered 6×7 Canvas background wood mounting $150 (regular $172 + shipping)

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 5.06.41 PM










Old Town freedom cloth background 7×8 $170 (regular $202 + shipping)  Mine does NOT have the writing not the wall.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 5.09.14 PM











EuroMix Ivory Freedom Cloth background 8×8  $170 (regular $245 + shipping)

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 5.16.08 PM












EuroMix Blue Freedom Cloth background 8×8  $170 (regular $245 + shipping)

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 5.16.56 PM











Medium gray freedom cloth background  8×10 $60



White Potter Barn letters M, O, D, A, N, L, V, E  To spell out Love, Mom, Dad, One $40 for all.







Red Pettiskirt  2-5 year  $20

Black Pettiskirt 6-8 $20


Black Petti











Larson 9×24 strip light  Plus backplate $200

IMG_9108 IMG_9109 IMG_9107












5’ faux floor PolyPro  I think these are the 3 I have Never Used $40 each:

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.13.01 PM



Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.13.10 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.13.17 PM copy











Tan Background  $100

Green Background  $60

Epson EX71 Projector $250


IMG_3832 IMG_3833 IMG_3834 IMG_3835

















LiteDome Q39  https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/138243-REG/Photoflex_XT_3LLD293_LiteDome_Q39_Large_Softbox.html

Needs a speed ring, has a couple light marks on the front.  $60



Bag to carry backdrops $5













Photo album $8 each

IMG_0766 IMG_0863

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I offer mini sessions every year and they fill up quickly so email or call me soon if you are interested.  Sessions are available Sunday – Thursday.




Holiday 2016 1WEB

June 27, 2016 in High School Seniors

Andrew was so fun to photograph.  He was up for anything and had some fun ideas of his own.  He’s also such a NICE guy!  I hope you enjoy some of the photos from his senior portrait session.



IMG_5558WEB IMG_5596WEB IMG_5598bwWEB Medina senior photographer IMG_5672WEB Medina, Ohio Photographer IMG_5817WEB

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You all know I don’t normally photograph weddings, but this was a quick and fun ceremony and I just couldn’t resist because Jen is a great friend and one of the nicest people I know!  Their ceremony was at the courthouse and was very sweet because it was just about them and their marriage.  They weren’t interested in all the fancy stuff – they just wanted to be married to each other.  :)

They have this in a 30×40 and it looks incredible!


Medina, Ohio Photographer

IMG_8141bwWEB IMG_8148bwWEB IMG_8172bwWEB IMG_8186bwWEB IMG_8242bwWEB

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Happy New Year to everyone!  It’s pretty hard to get so many people together at the same time so I made this cute little card with our selfies.  Maybe next year I’ll have better luck getting us all together.

2015 was a pretty challenging year.  We had a lot of good (like Mackenzie’s birth!) and a string of not-so-great luck that kept happening one after the other.  Erick’s motorcycle accident (scariest thing ever), but thank God he’s OK now and walking.  Madison fainted at school and busted some teeth and needed stitches in her head.  Mark was off of work for 2 months with kidney stones – OK, that wasn’t really too bad since I got to have him home and he experienced normal sleep hours.  Things are pretty good now and I’m focusing on all the positives – everyone is healthy and thriving at school or work.

This is pretty much my whole world on one little card.  Have a safe and blessed New Year!


2015 FrontWEB

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This is just a sneak peek of the photos my kids let me take this week.  I had to beg and threaten, but it means so much to me to have recent photos of my kids.  It’s too hard to get ALL of the kids together, but hopefully next year we can manage.  I’ll post more later.

I love how Zoe is looking up at Clay!  They are crazy about each other – even though she is MY dog and I’m her favorite. :)

I sure do love these kids.  Pretty much everything I’ve done in my life has been for them.



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This was one of favorite photoshoots.  Jordan started emailing me about 2 weeks ago and asked if I would be interested in photographing a surprise proposal.  We went back and forth for days making plans to meet and figure out where and all the details before she asked me if I was OK with both of them being women.  I had no problems with it and was even more excited.

She was waiting for a personalized gnome to arrive so she could put it in a geocache.  It didn’t arrive on time, but she dropped off a geocache box at my home filled with notes and a photo of the gnome so my girls and I could hide the box and get ready for the shoot.  Jordan, I really appreciate your trust in me!

The day of the shoot, my girls and I waited in the trees pretending we were doing our own session.  We were all so excited and anxious!  Jordan kept texting me what was going on and giving me an ETA.  It was such a special moment and really fun to see Lana’s reaction.  She had no idea and was very excited!

Jordan shared with me everything she did to plan for the surprise, including designing the ring, asking Lana’s dad for his blessing, ordering and waiting for the gnome and all the little white lies she had to tell so it would all work out.


Jordan tried to pull Lana into the shade for me, but it didn’t quite work out.  haha


Lana discovered me taking the photos lol!

Jordan kept a journal of all the planning details for Lana to read.

A photo of the gnome that didn’t arrive in time.



IMG_3112bwWEB IMG_3100bwWEB


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Today we are celebrating 5 years of marriage!  It’s hard to explain how lucky I feel to be married to someone so giving and understanding.   Everyone likes Mark because he’s such a good person and he just makes life more fun and happy.

He’s my rock and my “person” forever.  I mean, he’s even going to see Garth Brooks with me tonight and he probably doesn’t really want to go.  I would say that that makes me pretty lucky. :)